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Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap vs Shaving Cream, Foams, and Gels

Unlike shaving creams, shaving gels, and shaving foams, shaving soaps have been a go-to for shavers for a couple of centuries.

That said, Walton Wood Farm shave soap is not your typical shave soap—it’s softer, creamier, and richer for improved razor glide and superior moisturizing properties.

Here’s why we love our shave soaps:

  1. The hydrate hair much more effectively, making cutting easier and pulling (ouch!) less of a thing
  2. Shave soaps travel easily in our superfly, travel-friendly, TSA-approved canisters
  3. They force you to slow down for a couple of minutes (and in this age of technology, a few minutes unplugged does wonders for your heart, mind, and body)

How to Use Shave Soap

  • Use a shave brush and bowl to cover the desired area to your liking, or
  • Lather a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply directly

Every Walton Wood Farm shaving soap is a creamy concoction infused with aloe, radish root, and myrrh to deliver a close, clean shave.

Why Walton Wood Farm Shave Soap?

Walton Wood Farm natural shave soaps contain no harmful chemicals & no crazy stuff. As with every Walton Wood Farm product, our shave soaps are SLS-, paraben-, dye-, and phthalate-free. They’re also cruelty-free and completely vegetarian- / vegan-friendly.

Want the ultimate in facial (and body) hair care? Use one of our shave soaps in conjunction with a beard wash, beard balm, aftershave balm, or, for the clean-shaven among us, solid cologne.

Have questions? We’re happy to help!

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