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Pumice Soap

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Pumice exfoliating soap will scrub the grunge away leaving you feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to take on anything.

What Is Pumice Soap?

Pumice soap is actually volcanic rock that forms as magma cools. Because pumice bar soap is a non-toxic, natural mineral, it’s safe to use. And it’s also a wonderful abrasive.

How Pumice Soap Works

Pumice soap removes dead skin and callouses, restoring your skin to a healthy look and feel. It’s also fantastic for those difficult-to-remove substances that keep your work with you long after you’ve called it a day: tar, paint, grease, oil, ink, sap, or even glue.

Who Uses Pumice Soap?

Pumice soap is the friend of those who are frequently on their feet and/or work with their hands. While it’s an amazing hand soap for any sink and a hard-to-beat foot scrub for any tub, pumice soap is particularly loved by nurses, mechanics, gardeners, construction workers, and athletes.

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