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Lip Balm

Why Natural Lip Balms

In short, natural lip balms are better for your lips (and your health). Period. There are several reasons we’re HUGE natural lip balm fans. Specifically, Walton Wood Farm natural lip balms:

  1. Allow you to escape putting toxins on your mouth (yikes!!), as synthetic balms can include alcohol, manufactured waxes, petrochemicals, artificial skin softeners, silicon dioxide, and other unnatural chemicals.
  2. Include olive oil, which research suggests reduces the likelihood of UV-induced skin cancer

Cruelty-Free, Vegan Lip Balms

Tired of lip balms (and other personal care products) that harm animals during testing? We are, too. So, we don’t do that. Ever.

In addition, every Walton Wood Farm lip balm is 100% vegan, which means that our lip balms use no animal-derived products at all.

Organic, Natural Lip Balms

Instead, our lip balms are made with organic sunflower, olive & hemp seed oil.

Finally, our lip balms are SLS-, paraben-, phthalate-, and dye-free. No harmful chemicals means happy, healthy, imminently kissable lips.

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