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Hand & Body Lotion

Natural Hand & Body Lotion: The Highway to (Legitimately) Healthier Skin

People LOVE our natural hand & body lotion because:

  1. They (actually) repair dry, cracked, irritated hands, feet, etc. We say “actually” because many conventional hand & body lotions contain synthetic oils that can cause the dryness and skin irritation you’re trying to eliminate!
  2. They’re never greasy, so you can apply and then use your phone without lubing it up!
  3. They reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions and skin rashes that are more common with synthetic products.
  4. Our cocoa butter, shea butter, and green tea blend hydrates and rejuvenates skin.
  5. They’re eco-friendly!
  6. They provide a moisturizing, rejuvenating skin care option for those among us with sensitive skin.
  7. They come in an array of irresistible scents, including , , , , , , , , , , , , . Want something with an overtly masculine scent? Check out our , , . Or, if you prefer, you can even get an hand lotion.

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Why Walton Wood Farm Hand & Body Lotion?

Walton Wood Farm natural hand and body lotions contain no harmful chemicals & no crazy stuff. As with every Walton Wood Farm product, our lotions are SLS-, paraben-, dye-, and phthalate-free. They’re also cruelty-free and completely vegetarian- / vegan-friendly.

Need help finding the right one for you? Or do you need help assembling the ultimate gift set for that friend or family member who deserves to feel as important to you as they really are? Get in touch with us. We’re happy to help!

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