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Hair Pomade

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What Is Hair Pomade?

Hair pomade is a flake-free alternative to hair gel. Because they don’t harden your hair, hair pomades empower you to restyle as needed during the day.

How to Use Hair Pomade

  1. Use your thumbnail to remove a dime-sized amount from the (superfly) metal canister
  2. Rub it in your hands until it melts
  3. Work it through your hair as desired.

PRO TIP: If more shine and less hold is your thing, then apply when your hair is wet. If less shine and more hold is your jam, then apply when your hair is dry.

Why Walton Wood Farm Hair Pomade Kicks Ass

Walton Wood Farm hair pomades:

  1. Don’t dry or harden your hair
  2. Prevent the flakiness that’s common with hair gels
  3. Add shine and moisture to dried out, frizzy hair
  4. Smell irresistibly good
  5. Promote healthier, thicker, faster-growing hair
  6. Travel easily in TSA-approved containers
  7. Are natural, containing no harmful / crazy chemicals (i.e., no SLS, dye, paraben, or phthalate)
  8. Are 100% cruelty-free—our experimentation involves no animal testing whatsoever
  9. Are 100% Vegan / Vegetarian—no animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients are used in our pomades. Period.

Want the ultimate in hair care? Pair our hair pomade with one of our 100% natural shampoo & body washes.

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