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Aftershave Balm

You Don’t Have to Feel the Burn

The shaving scene from Home Alone is famous because, well, if you’ve used an aftershave splash or lotion, you know Kevin’s reaction is spot on. And it sucks. Thankfully, it’s also completely unnecessary. Enter Walton Wood Farm aftershave balms.

Aftershave Balm: Look Good. Feel Good. Smell Good.

Our natural aftershave balms:

  • Soothe your skin
  • Heal cuts (even minimizing bleeding)
  • Minimize razor burn
  • Reduce bumps caused by shaving
  • Calm redness
  • Hydrate your skin to minimize dry, flaky skin
  • Clean your pores to reduce the bacteria that causes acne
  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Reduce inflammation

In other words, our balms help your skin look and feel great (rather than irritated) after your shave. And perhaps best of all, they’re alcohol-free, so farewell Home Alone experience!

And because our balms come in or fragrances, you can let the balm provide the fragrance or have one of our solid colognes handle the scent.

How to Use Aftershave Balm

It’s simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Give yourself a fresh, clean shave using one of our shaving soaps
  2. Splash with lukewarm-to-cold water to rinse (lukewarm water soothes skin while cold water opens pores, both of which are welcomed!)
  3. Use your thumbnail to scrape a dime-sized amount of balm.
  4. Rub the balm in your hands until it melts
  5. Apply to entire freshly shaven area

That’s it!

Why Walton Wood Farm Aftershave Balm?

Walton Wood Farm natural aftershave balms contain no harmful chemicals & no crazy stuff. As with every Walton Wood Farm product, our aftershave balms are SLS-, paraben-, dye-, and phthalate-free. They’re also cruelty-free and completely vegetarian- / vegan-friendly.

Have a beard? Combine our aftershave balm with a Walton Wood Farm beard wash and beard balm for the ultimate in beard care.

More of a clean-shaven man? Combine our aftershave balm with one of our solid colognes.

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