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A Visit to Ste. Anne’s Spa

A Spa Day is a Gift to Oneself

One of my favourite things to do is visit our retail partners out in the wild and see what they’re up to, get feedback about our products, and ask for suggestions and ideas for new products.

It was very hard work, but this week, I checked out of my office for a day and checked myself into Ste. Anne’s Spa in Haldimand Hills, Ontario.

This amazing restored 1800s estate is only 35 minutes from my desk and was established roughly the same time as our farm.

There was a snowstorm on my travels followed by freezing rain, and I was lucky enough to snap up the last remaining room and hunker down for the night turning my day spa into an overnight retreat.

A Rich History

This impressive stone manor was founded in 1858 by Samuel Massey of the famed Massey Tractor company family.

Over the years, the house passed through four family dynasties. All its residents seemed to have a deep connection to the land. Their backgrounds were diverse, some came from England and others Texas.

After ten years left languishing and rotting, Ste. Anne’s was saved by the Corcoran family who painstakingly and lovingly turned into a renowned destination spa.

A Magnificent Estate

Ste. Anne’s Spa feels like a wing of Hogwarts. It was once nicknamed, Grafton Castle. Set among picturesque rolling farmland and woods of Ontario, the stone archways and courtyard gather you up and transform you to a place of calm and healing. The underground aqueduct provides an endless abundance of crystal-clear water which is rumored to have healing properties.

When you relax by the fire taking in the history of the building, it will feel like you slipped into another time, perhaps to a wealthy relative’s estate in the English countryside.


Certified Feast Ontario

As a Canadian health spa, Ste. Anne’s dining provides nourishment for both body and soul. Their chefs have a created a menu that brilliantly balances taste with health benefits. Since they also own a gluten-free bakery just down the winding road, the options available for gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian are vast. They use local farms to source their meat and produce ensuring the highest quality food.

My meals were delicious, and I especially enjoyed the afternoon tea complete with finger sandwiches, local cheeses,fresh baked goods with Devon cream, and fruit. They are not a licensed facility, but you are permitted to bring your own wine.

Spa Services

Ste. Anne’s spa services are second-to none. They offer an extensive menu of spa services and wellness classes that will help you shed stress and clear your mind. I indulged in a 60-minute reflexology session and a 90-minute-deep tissue massage. Many of the treatment rooms are in the basement which feel a lot like exploring secret corridors of an old castle.

Internationally Known

With over 24,000 visitors a year from all over the world, it’s truly amazing how Ste. Anne’s Spa can keep the quality of their services a consistent ten out of ten. It’s a testament to the management and staff who are clearly devoted to the customer experience and treat every guest like an old friend.

Walton Wood Farm at Ste. Anne’s

It’s an honor to have Walton Wood Farm products offered at the Ste. Anne’s Gift Shop. Ste. Anne’s is indeed very selective about the quality of all their products and services, and we consider it a true privilege to grace their shelves. If you have read this farm, you’ve earned at 20% off coupon for your shopping cart until Feb 1st. Code: VDAY

Going Back

Of course, being the good CEO that I am, I will have to go back and do another quality check at Ste. Anne’s Spa in the very near future.


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